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    PT. Dwi Tunggal Jaya Abadi has a Commercial/ operational license , Job Training Institute (LPK) and Shelter in order to get competent skill workers in the fields.

    1. Recruitment Services and Manpower
    2. Management Services
    3. Cleaning Services
    4. Housekeeping, Industrial Operators
    5. Factory Worker
    6. Farmer
    7. Civil Construction and Oil and Gas
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Lowongan Kerja di Jepang - Factory Worker

  • Jepang
  • 19/12/2023
  • Kontrak
  • Featured
  • Urgent

Tutorial on how to apply for a job at PT Dwi Tunggal Jaya Abadi

    The steps for applying for a job on the PT Dwi Tunggal Jaya Abadi application can be done by following the video below, there are many job vacancies that are currently needed.

    #pekerjaan #tenagakerjaindonesia #kemnaker #factoryworkers #asisten #driver #pekerjamigranindonesia #pekerjamigran #lowongankerjaluarnegeri #lowongankerja

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